What is a Master Plan and why is it needed for the site?

    The Master Plan considers the needs, aspirations and future growth of the existing sporting clubs, associations and the local community in delivering a multi-purpose shared sporting facility. Currently there is a number of ageing, non-compliant and dysfunctional buildings and amenities at the site which are not meeting the needs of the users or the community. This Master Plan aims to address these issues and provide new and compliant sporting and recreational infrastructure for all to enjoy, this includes catering for the growth in female participation at the site. 

    How much will the redevelopment of Goolwa Oval Sporting Precinct cost?

    The Master Plan has been costed at approximately $10.13 million. 

    What input went into developing the Draft Master Plan?

    The Draft Master Plan has been developed by undertaking:

      Extensive consultation with local sporting and community groups who currently use the site

      Input from relevant State Sporting Associations

      Relevant Council documents and strategies

      Site analysis, audit findings, industry trends and best practice designs

    How is the Master Plan going to be funded?

    Once the Master Plan has been finalised Council will be seeking external grant funding from both State and Federal Government. Initial discussions have already occurred at both levels of Government. Council has also committed funds to the project in their Long Term Financial Plan in the coming years. 

    What are the next steps?

    Once the Master Plan has been finalised and endorsed by Council, Council will seek external funding via a variety of State and Federal grant programs. A detailed design process will also commence which will develop construction drawings in anticipation for construction of the site. 

    Will the bowling club be impacted?

    The Bowling Club has not been included in the scope of this project but has been consulted to ensure any impacts are minimised.

    Does the Master Plan account for growth?

    The Master Plan allows for growth of the current club sports located within the precinct. However any new codes will not be able to be accommodated due to the size of precinct. 

    Will there be a football warm up area?

    A multi-purpose turf area has been provided to the north of the oval where the existing tennis courts are.  This will be able to be used as an AFL warm up area as well as for croquet and cricket.

    Will there be new lights?

    The Master Plan allows for new lights for the Oval and Netball / Tennis Courts.

    What will be happening with parking?

    In order to facilitate the infrastructure required within the precinct, the car parking configuration will need to change. Approximately 120 car parks (both informal and formal) will be provided within the site as well as new linkages to another 100 car parks adjacent to the precinct. A future car park has also been proposed for a later stage which will include an additional 80 car parks. 

    When will it be constructed?

    The commencement of the project is subject to Council receiving grant funding from both the State and Federal Government to realise the project.  Once the funding has been confirmed, time lines for construction can be set. 

    Can we still play sport during the redevelopment?

    The sports clubs will be consulted regarding the timing of the works to ensure the construction of the new facilities are programmed to minimise the disruption to the sporting activities.  It is probable that the major construction works will happen during the summer period.

    How long will it take to build the new infrastructure?

    It is expected that it will take 12 – 18 months to construct the infrastructure contained within the master plan depending on how it is programmed and the realisation of other restrictions.

    What is going to happen to the existing club rooms?

    The existing clubrooms on the site will be demolished to make way for a new building that meet the standards required by the peak sporting bodies and the State Government’s Office of Recreation Sport and Racing.

    Where will the honour boards & trophy cabinets be located?

    The detailed design and layout of the club rooms will be undertaken in the coming months and the display of club memorabilia will be considered and allowed for as part of this process.

    What will happen to the Goolwa Lions Club Shed?

    The Goolwa Lions Club has been consulted and their shed is being relocated adjacent to the oval entrance on Goyder Street.

    Will there be a new scoreboard?

    Yes. A new electronic scoreboard has been included in the redevelopment. 

    How can I get involved?

    Council will be undertaking a series of workshops with the sporting clubs and all stakeholders as to what the roles and responsibilities are for the clubs and how the facilities will be managed.  Once this has been decided, the clubs will require volunteers to assist in undertaking those roles and responsibilities.

    Where can I view these plans?

    Come and view the plans at our ‘Drop-In’ session on Thursday 19 September 2019 in the Football Clubrooms at Goolwa Oval or plans can be viewed in the Council Administration foyer located at 11 Cadell Street, Goolwa.

    What will happen to my comments?

    All comments provided during the community consultation period will be considered and if deemed appropriate, changes may be made to the Draft Master Plan. The Final Master Plan will then be presented to Council for consideration. 

    How else can I comment on the draft Master Plan?

    Submissions can be made by post to:

    Alexandrina Council

    PO Box 21

    Goolwa SA 5214

    or via email to alex@alexandrina.sa.gov.au