What is Alexandrina 2040 all about?

    Alexandrina Council is reviewing the strategic management plans which guide everything we do.

    Planning for the future is a big task and we can’t do it alone.  From October 2019 to December 2020, we are planning of series of consultation and engagement opportunities with people who live, study, work and play in the Alexandrina Council district. 

    The information we gather will be used to prepare an updated Community Strategic Plan, Long Term Financial Plan and Infrastructure and Asset Management Plan.  The draft plans will be released for consultation in November 2020 and adopted by no later than February 2021.

    Why is Council reviewing its strategic management plans?

    The Local Government Act 1999 (SA) says that Council must have a suite of Strategic Management Plans and that we must review these plans within two years after each general election of the Council.  Council is also required to adopt a process which gives members of the public a reasonable opportunity to be involved in development of the plans.

    Alexandrina Council currently has three Strategic Management Plans:

    • Community Strategic Plan 2014-2023
    • Long Term Financial Plan 2017-2026
    • Infrastructure and Asset Management Plan 2016-2025.

    The last major review of our Community Strategic Plan was undertaken in 2012/13.  In the past we have reviewed our Strategic Management Plans one at a time, but we are taking the opportunity to review all three plans together.  Council’s Strategic Management Plans are a ‘golden thread’ for the organisation and the community, and once adopted, will be the principal driver of Council’s decision making and activities.

    Who does Council want to connect with during the Alexandrina 2040 process?

    As many people as possible! We want to hear from people who live, work, study and play in our district about your long term needs, hopes and priorities.  This includes ensuring we hear from people representing different groups, interests and sectors.  Hearing from, and working in partnership with, community service providers and other levels of government is also critical to the success of this process. 

    How will Council connect with community during the Alexandrina 2040 process?

    During October – November 2019 we held Listening Posts at 13 community events, hosted 4 community focus groups in Goolwa and Strathalbyn, visited 7 local schools, held workshops with more than 100 council staff and received feedback from more than 1100 people.

    We asked what you love about Alexandrina, what challenges and opportunities you think our community will face between now and 2040, and your big ideas for making Alexandrina an even better place to live, study, work and play!  A report on what we heard was released in January 2020 – you can read it here.

    During February/March 2020 we held a roadshow of Village Conversations in Strathalbyn, Middleton, Goolwa, Port Elliot, Clayton Bay, Milang, Langhorne Creek and Mount Compass, as well as an online participatory budgeting survey.  We asked about the strengths of each township, what the residents want their town to be known for in 2040, and about key investment priorities.  A report on what we heard was released in June 2020 – you can read it here. 

    The last step in the process will be formal consultation on our draft set of strategic Plans in November - December 2020.